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Si kan (PortFLOWlio)

Si kan…

[Phone rings a couple of beats, as he waits to get through…]
Hello, Sikan productions—how may I help you?
Yeah, I got assorted stuff on queue and my mate gave me a clue
of Simon Kanzen’s journo, so I’m just callin’ him to
ask what he can do.
Just a moment, putting you through…

Si kan write—for business, entrepreneur, or website,
magazine or newspaper… clients be as they might,
Si kan blog post (needless to say)—whatever topic of the day,
sell your B 2 Bs and Cs… ‘till your B capstones the A;
(Si kan 3-the-D from 2; drop a simil-E like it’s hot—
and dispense with Ps and Qs—‘cause sometimes “why the F not?”)
Si kan opine to get the hits, i.e. lyrical wax it,
and Si kan write copy that no one else can fax with;
Si kan imPress-Release your statement, or latest big news,
and Social-Mediate your brand… ‘till your brand gets all the views,
Si kan cornerstone your site—and Googlize the whole show:
‘cause Si kan SEO text—whilst retaining the whole flow;
Si kan condense products into engaging blurbs, besides
eCommercializing catalogues, descript’s and buyer’s guides;
Si kan email-market your Co.—with clickable heading bate,
and Si kan newsletter-bestow you a high conversion rate;
Si kan White Paper reports with easy-to-read formality
—which is a formality: ‘cause Si kan easily switch modality…
and Case Study your clients’ successes (marketing tactic;)
to promote your prod’s and serv’s (without being  didactic),
Si kan blend eCom with Blog: Gift-Guide monetize the brand…
then Si kan wag the dog all over Social Media land…
Si kan get the interview and nail that exclusive story—
which Si kan then write up so that your paper gets the glory;
Si kan also Style Guide to fit any journalistic mould;
academic to informal: Si kan style it manifold;
Content to entertain, inform, or educate,
and practical How-Tos—to reviews that carry weight;
Any type of content, Si kan short-form on demand—
or eBook anything… ‘cause Si kan long-form like Le Mans;
and Si kan ghostwrite an article of your own choice,
or an entire book… whilst invoking your own voice;
Last but not the least: Si kan rhyme all Si kan do;
and Si kan flip the script…

Now what kan Si, do for you?


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