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Welcome to Stepping Stones, my personal website, where I write philosophical and critical articles on a variety of subjects while sharing references to interesting information. Below, I explain my purpose for Stepping Stones with the hope that you find the site useful.

Literature of Substance

I have long had a major interest in reading and seeking literature of substance to develop my understanding of life and the world, which is something I find personally rewarding. In the process, I’ve expanded my awareness of significant works, concepts, and themes, via different forms of media: books and articles primarily, but also audio/visual media, all of which include works of fiction.

For personal reference, I created lists of the books and articles I’ve read over these years (as well as audio/visual media), categorizing them by subject and type. In case anyone should find them useful resources, I’ve displayed these lists on the site (see the Bibliography page or the sidebar).

Complementing Reading with Writing

Basically, I write articles designed to consolidate my thoughts on particular topics and aim to do so in a way that may be useful to other readers. Naturally, this will often involve referencing books and articles (and other media); while at other times, I’ll base an article on one or more of these other works. Through these writings, I synthesize my own thoughts whilst sharing references to interesting media, and in the process, develop my capabilities of expressing thoughts effectively in writing (or at least, that’s the plan!)

Form & Style

I’ve been experimenting with the online format since I started this site – specifically, the free version of WordPress – gradually learning its expanding features and trying out different ways of forming and presenting information. The same goes for the writing style, which I generally try to amend or vary with each new article. In addition to improving basic writing skills, I aim to tailor the form and style of writing to suit different subject matters and purposes, which is something I’m learning to do as I go.


The ‘original’ articles I write for Stepping Stones are those based on my own thoughts, as opposed to posts based on (for example) a book or film. These original writings arise from the substantial thoughts I have about something which, generally speaking, carry the sense that they have not been fully or accurately expressed by anyone else—a principle that also applies to my other articles, although less directly (i.e. to the degree they involve commentary on other media).

In explaining my thoughts on a subject, I sometimes like to describe the process of how I came to develop this understanding of it. This personal reflection is something I’m inclined to do naturally; and, where included, it represents a substantial aspect of the thoughts and understandings I share (i.e. for those who appreciate the process by which we come to understand something).

On a related note, I should mention that being opinionated is not my motive for sharing my thoughts, which is rather to contribute the best of my thoughts to the mediasphere, so that it may be found and used by other readers and writers (above all, thinkers). Reflecting this purpose, I aim to post articles periodically, rather than frequently, taking as long as I need to fulfil the meaning of each one.

Hit Me Up (or, Engage One in Correspondence)

Feel free to comment or email me about anything (within reason!) and I’ll be happy to respond.

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