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Planned Writings

As I often have thoughts that strike me as worthy of writing on, I always make note of them and keep a personal list for reference. On this page, I list an assortment of the articles and projects I plan to write and publish on the site, just to give an idea of what can be expected here in the future.

Some of these ideas have been begun and put aside; a few are in ongoing development; and the rest are basically formed in my mind. I select a piece to write based several factors, such as type, mood, logical order, and occasionally, immediate relevance (e.g. my article series on pandemics, then the Russia-Ukraine War—each of which prompted significant thoughts relating to the immediate future).

Articles (Various)

These titles represent articles I intend to write based on themes about which I have a particular constellation of thoughts around.

Mind & Society

Intelligence – Nature & (Mis)Representation

Spiritual Corruption – Movement from Good towards Evil

(Willful) Ignorance – Nature, Cause, Significance

Language – Psychological & Social Significance

Tradition and Anti-Tradition – Nature & Significance

Yin-Yang Rivalries – Real, Fictional, and Corporate

Media & Entertainment

Video Games – Form & Effect; Violence, Addictiveness, Ideology

Music Videos – Form, Symbolism, and Effect

Movies – Influence on Mind & Conduct

Professional Wrestling – Form & Significance

Media & Consciousness – Nested Spheres of Circumscribed Thought

Science & Technology

Magic & Science – Definitions, Distinctions, Function

Electromagnetism – Nature & Significance

Nanotechnology – Form & Implications

Pain – Factors, Variations, Control

Stepping Stones

Authorship & Perspective – Varieties of Truth-Filled Falsehood

Critical Fiction

Rap Club – Rap & Rebellion (Cinematic Freestyle)


  • Book Notes
  • Movie & Series Analyses
  • Dialogues
  • Monologues
  • Poems
  • Stories

Works on Hold

Pandemics in Perspective (Article Series)

These articles are based on my reading notes taken from books relating to viral disease and pandemics, and are written in order to provide a perspective on the subject.

Having posted four articles so far, the followingare book notes that I may one day use to add to the series:

  • Christofano and the Plague: A Study in the History  of Public Health in the Age of Galileo, by Carlo M. Cipolla (1973)
  • Antibodies and Immunity, by G.J.V. Nossal (1969)
  • Bacteriophages, by John Douglas (1975)
  • Plague Wars: A True Story of Biological Warfare, by Tom Mangold and Jeff Goldberg (1999)

Transhumanism (Article Series)

Based on my notes from the book Homo Deus, I have posted four articles so far in a series that would cover a broad range of substantial topics, such as politics, religion, ideology, ethics, individuality; and including many topics that are becoming increasingly prominent in contemporary society, such as algorithms, cyborgs, biotechnology, genetic engineering, knowledge, data, privacy, and more.

Black Mirror (Analytical Poem)

Based on my research notes of the TV series Black Mirror and begun in 2019, this will be a long poem designed to be analytical in an entertaining way.

Intelligent Movie Database (iMDb)

An Excel spreadsheet of all the best movies, TV shows, and documentaries I have seen over the years, with columns featuring thematic keywords, structural features, and observational comments for each entry; and including various columns for standard information.

Created for personal reference, this database (when complete) should provide a broad collection of top-quality films and programming that can be sorted and filtered in a uniquely insightful way. This database is large and ongoing project for which I might create a more basic version to upload sooner.

Substantial Literature Database

An Excel spreadsheet to organize and search the titles and details of the most substantial literature I have read over the years, which I created for personal reference. When complete it will serve as a much more useful and advanced resource for research than the linear lists of read books and articles (as featured in the Bibliography of this site).

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