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Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, by Norman W. Walker – Book Extracts

My extracts from the classic nutritional and remedial guide to juices by Norman Walker.

Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, by Norman W. Walker (1936, Revised 1978)


For the improvement of digestion and elimination, I have found that the replacement of some solid food meals – primarily breakfast – with fresh juices helps to alleviate some of the burden of the digestive system, creating a generally improved feeling of physiological comfort. Using a centrifugal juicer machine, I have periodically incorporated raw juices in my diet using fresh vegetables and fruits, adjusting the proportion of juice to solid food meals as according to comfort at any given period.

Having recently decided to examine the subject of juice nutrition for the purposes of health, I read the book Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices by nutritionist and author Norman Walker, who I discovered by a citation as being a valuable expert in this field. Having read the digitized copy of the book, I extracted the highlights I made and arranged them thematically, in order to create a future reference for the information I found most useful for practical purposes; and which I now share here for the benefit of anyone who may find it similarly useful.

As I have only just begun applying some of the information myself, I cannot comment on the efficacy of Walker’s prescriptions; so perhaps I will do so in the future. For now I can say that the foods I have juiced are carrot, beetroot, sweet potato, celery, spinach, parsley, green pepper, and apple. I have found them all very pleasant and refreshing, provided that I proportion the combinations favourably to my taste. Most notably, I use only small amounts of beetroot and parsley as I find their potent flavour becomes sickly if I don’t limit them; and I find that adding half an apple helps to counteract this effect.

Notes on the Extracts

While I did include some of Walker’s explanations for his juicing prescriptions, the extracts were made with practical purposes in mind. Therefore, they are best not taken as a representation of the author’s philosophy of juicing, although they do provide an indication of it. Throughout, I have added the page numbers of the book (which is linked at the bottom of this post) to which the extracted passages correspond, thus enabling the reader to easily examine the context.

The text below is separated into three main sections, the first of which are passages arranged thematically. Following this is Walker’s Juice Formulas Chart, which corresponds with the numbers accompanying the list of diseases beneath it; and this in turn is followed by Walker’s guide to food selection, which he explains in terms of their health benefits when juiced raw.

The two alphabetical lists – the juice formulas and food selection – of course do not include all of those featured in the book, but only those I found useful for future reference. Naturally, I highlighted the passages of the book that are directly relevant to my particular health interests; but I also highlighted much more general information that I thought may be useful to keep in mind. Essentially, this interest relates to how Walker correlates the properties of particular foods with different physiological functions, such as cognition, motor abilities, sleep, and energy levels. I have also emboldened the portion(s) of each paragraph to help the reader quickly identify the essential information and topics contained within.

Finally,  I have included a link to the digitized copy of the book; as well as a printable extracts booklet I created—a refinement of the extracts presented below, for enhanced practical use.


Juice vs Whole (Fibre)

The reason for the efficacy of such juices lies in the fact that, by separating the mineral elements and the distilled water in the food from the fibers, this liquid food is digested in a matter of minutes. The digestive processes required to separate the mineral elements from the fibers, on the other hand, involve labor and time – actually hours – to be expended by the digestive organs. These processes of digesting whole vegetables and fruits use up much energy, and the means with which to nourish such energy is derived from the food. A portion of the “solid” food eaten is thus diverted from its nutritional goal to be used as fuel to generate this energy. This answers the frequently asked question: Why not eat the vegetables and fruits WHOLE, instead of making juices? Actually, there is no nourishment in the fibers, however, fibers serve a very useful and much needed purpose. Fibers act as an intestinal broom. [p1]

[…] solid food requires many hours of digestive activity before its nourishment is finally available to the cells and tissues of the body. While the fibers in solid food have virtually no nourishing value, they do act as an intestinal broom during the peristaltic activity of the intestines, hence the need to eat raw foods in addition to drinking juices. However, the removal of the fibers in the extraction of the juices, enables juices to be very quickly digested and assimilated, sometimes in a matter of minutes, with a minimum of effort and exertion on the part of the digestive system. [p6]

[…] an entirely raw food regimen, without the inclusion of a sufficient quantity and variety of fresh-raw juices is equally deficient. The reason for this deficiency lies in the fact that a surprisingly large percentage of the atoms making up the nourishment in the raw foods is utilized as fuel for energy by the digestive organs in their processes of digesting and assimilating the food, which usually requires as long as 3, 4, or 5 hours after every meal. Such atoms, while furnishing some nourishment to the body, are mostly used up as fuel, leaving only the smaller percentage available for the regeneration of the cells and tissues. However, when we drink raw vegetable juices, the situation is entirely different, as these are digested and assimilated within 10 to 15 minutes after we drink them and they are used almost entirely in the nourishment and regeneration of the cells and tissues, glands and organs of the body. In this case the result is obvious, as the entire process of digestion and assimilation is completed with a maximum degree of speed and efficiency, and with a minimum of effort on the part of the digestive system. The important thing is to drink your juices fresh daily, irrespective of the manner or process by which they have been extracted. Naturally, the more completely the juice is extracted, the more efficiently it will work in the body. [p9]

It is foolish to say that juices are a concentrated food. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A concentrated food is a product which has been dehydrated, from which its water content has been dissipated. Juices on the other hand are very liquid food, mostly organic water of the finest quality with the nourishing atoms and molecules in comparatively microscopic volume. It is the microscopic volume for which the cells and tissues of the body are starved! [p10]

Drinking juices which are properly made will enable the body to assimilate them within ten to fifteen minutes. Whereas, the presence of pulp in the so-called liquid, or liquefied, vegetables, or juices still containing the pulp, will require hours to digest. Furthermore, to drink juices from which the pulp has not been extracted taxes the digestive organs more than eating and properly masticating the raw vegetables and fruits themselves, as proper insalivation and thorough mastication is essential to the complete digestion of vegetables when the cellulose fiber is present. This is not usually done if the fibers still remain a part of the mush or liquefied vegetables; whereas, the juices from which the fiber has been removed furnish, without interference, every particle of the nourishment contained in the vegetable for immediate and quick assimilation by the body. [16p]



Generally speaking, if you are not able to buy exactly the food you want, then as long as it is necessary to do so, take the best of what IS available. Just be sure that you pick the freshest and best quality you see, and this applies to whether you are buying your vegetables for Salads or making your Juices. [p2]

In our choice of vegetables and other foods, we shop at whatever market or supermarket has the freshest and best quality vegetables and other foods, and at the Health Food Stores. We always shop for quality. There is no substitute for quality at any price, and if the cost is higher, it is both safer and more economical in the long run. [p14]

Extraction Methods

Any fresh-raw juice is better than no juice at all. The juice extracted by the centrifugal method should be used immediately, because unless the extraction of the juice from the fibers is as complete as it is humanly and mechanically possible to achieve, oxidation and heat from friction will tend to spoil the juice in a short time. [p10]

[…] our use of the electric triturator (which is a device that pulverizes) and hydraulic press does not rule out the use of centrifugal machines. While it is recognized that by centrifugal action we cannot extract ALL of the enzymes, atoms and molecules, nevertheless, the use of a filter in the centrifugal extractor prevents the fibers from mixing with the extracted juice. We can thus obtain a juice which is free from the poison-saturated fibers. [p14]

Bear in mind that the quantity of juices needed by the body is predicated on their quality. Usually it will take a greater amount of juices which have been extracted by centrifugal action to get the results obtained by juices made with a Triturator (Pulverizer) and Hydraulic Press. At all times bear this fact distinctly in mind that juices are the very finest nourishment we can get, and if we continue to take them as long as we live the chances are that we will live a healthier life much longer than we would without them. [29]

When any other type of Juice Extractor [than a Electric Triturator (Pulverizer) or Hydraulic Press] was used, it was found necessary to considerably increase the indicated quantity. Any juice, so long as it is fresh and raw, is better than no juice at all. [p79]


Raw Fruit & Vegetable Diet

Life as LIFE cannot be explained, so we describe enzymes as a Cosmic Energy Principle or vibration which promotes a chemical action or change in atoms and molecules, causing a reaction, without changing, destroying or using up the enzymes themselves in the process. In other words, enzymes are catalysts and as such they promote action or change without altering or changing their own status. With this brief explanation, you are better able to appreciate the value, reason, logic and intelligence of choosing the food with which you intend to nourish your body, not only food in the raw state, but also food used and prepared so that it will nourish the cells and tissues of your body in the most speedy and efficient manner possible. [p4]

In order to regain and maintain the proper balance of health, most of the food we eat must contain live, vital, organic elements. These elements are found in fresh-raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Oxygen is one of the most essential elements. As soon as food is cooked, its oxygen is lost. The enzymes are destroyed at 130°F, and most of the vital force needed for nourishment is dissipated. [p5]

As a rule it will do no great harm to occasionally eat a little cooked food, but never fried food provided that a sufficient quantity of raw food is also eaten. We are now living in the Atomic Age, and to slow ourselves down by eating much cooked food creates a physical and mental conflict within us which is a handicap blocking the streamline of our existence. The juices extracted from fresh-raw fruits and vegetables form the means of furnishing all the cells in the body with the elements they need, in the manner in which they can be most readily assimilated. [p8]

Fruit juices are the cleansers of the human system, but the fruit should be ripe. An apple a day will keep the doctor away, if we also eat plenty of other raw food. But fruits, with only three or four exceptions, should never be eaten during the same meal in which starches and sugars are included. Fruits in sufficient variety will furnish the body with all the carbohydrates and sugar that it needs. Vegetable juices are the builders and regenerators of the body. They contain all the amino acids, minerals, salts, enzymes, and vitamins needed by the human body, provided that they are used fresh, raw, and without preservatives, and that they have been properly extracted from the vegetables. [p8]

Raw Whole + Juices Diet

It has been proved beyond doubt that supplementing our meals with raw vegetable and fruit juices is the quickest and most permanent way to replenish the body with the elements it lacks. [p13]

State of Mind

Our body needs to be supplied daily with the same elements with which it is composed. Due thought, attention and consideration to the other two parts of our being, namely our mind and spirit, provides our total life with complete health. We can eat the finest and most constructive food in creation, but this will not prevent the disintegration of the body if resentments, fear, worry, frustration and negative states of mind are permitted to obsess us. Health is the indisputable foundation for the satisfaction of life. Everything of domestic joy or occupational success must be built of body wholesomeness and vitality. [p]

In the final analysis, raw food is the nourishment intended for human beings. However, not everyone is able to change the lifelong habit of eating foods mostly or totally cooked and devitalized, and in their place eat only raw foods. Such a sudden change may cause disturbances which the individual may not be able to understand, but which, nevertheless, may be entirely beneficial. Under these circumstances, it is wise to consult someone who is experienced in the reactions which may result from such a change. After all, it does require considerable mental as well as intestinal fortitude to make this change and to stay with it, but we have found that it pays to do so. [p8]


We should not for one moment feel that the juices are making us ill, if these are fresh and are taken the same day that they are made. On the contrary, we should realize that the cleansing and healing process is well on its way, and the sooner such discomforts are felt after taking plenty of juices, the better, because we will be over them just so much quicker. The more juices we drink, the faster the recovery is. […]

Whenever, after drinking juices, yellow or brown appears through the skin, it is an indication that the liver is eliminating stale bile and other waste matter in greater quantities than the eliminative organs can handle so that some of the elimination takes place through the pores of the skin, which is perfectly normal. If the body is toxic, such also may be the case. When we continue to drink vegetable juices, however, the discoloration eventually disappears. [p74]

Supreme cleanliness is the first step towards a healthy body. Any accumulation or retention of morbid matter, or waste of any kind, within us, will retard our progress towards recovery. The natural eliminative channels are the lungs, the pores of the skin, the kidneys, and the bowels. [p75]

Dissolving the inorganic calcium however, is only the first step in the progressive course of this regeneration. It is so difficult to acknowledge RESENTMENTS and to banish them, but this is the very first step necessary to help to improve the situation. The calcium must be removed from the body. To do so, we drink one pint of straight celery juice a day, which because of its very high sodium content, helps maintain the calcium, more or less, in solution. The blood and lymph both carry this waste matter towards the colon, and to facilitate the functions of that organ we drink one pint of carrot and spinach juice. This combination serves to nourish the nerves and muscles of the large and small intestines.
            One pint of carrot and celery juice daily, helps to rebuild and regenerate the cartilage and the joints, eventually helping to restore them to their normal state. The process is usually painful — more so at certain times than at others; but we have seen many sufferers go through it and in time become more active than ever before. It requires will power and the cooperation of everybody interested in the victim’s welfare, but the results have proven to be worth it.
            Vaccines, drugs, heat, electricity, and a variety of secretive and orthodox cures have proved valueless as remedies. The elimination of pain does not cure the cause.
            If the human body is suffering as a result of the transgression of the fundamental laws governing its nutrition, then cleansing the debris and waste from the system and nourishing it with the vital organic atoms of fresh raw vegetables and fruits, cannot help but restore at least some of the ebbing energy and vitality. When such nourishment has been taken in the form of properly extracted fresh raw juices, the results have been more quickly pronounced, once RESENTMENTS have been dissolved from the consciousness. [p78]


Eating Whole Foods

Like all the most valuable things in life, the vital part of vegetables — that which contains the greatest concentrated value — is the most difficult to reach, being hidden within the fibers. Hence, the need for a thorough mastication of all raw vegetables. [p8]

Drinking Juices

How much juice can be taken safely? Just as much as one can drink comfortably without forcing oneself. As a general rule, one pint daily is the least that will show any perceptible results, and preferably from two to eight pints or more. We must bear in mind that the more juice we drink the quicker the results. [p14]

The proper cleaning and sterilizing of the machinery in which juices are made and of all the utensils and of the premises, is of paramount importance. Raw vegetable juices are extremely perishable, and every care possible must be taken to make them in a sanitary manner. It is as important in using a home machine, as it is a factory machine, that juices not be made until the equipment has first been rinsed with cold water and then thoroughly sterilized with boiling water. [p75]

Sometimes juices will spoil in spite of the most meticulous care in sterilizing the equipment. This may be due to the fact that one or more of the vegetables was spoiled, affecting the entire batch. It is, therefore, of extreme importance to clean the vegetables thoroughly and to remove any part that is wilted, mushy, or spoiled. [p75]

Use Tops AND Roots of Beets, Dandelion, Radish and Turnips. When preparing Carrots cut off the tops ½ inch below the ring where the green stems start and snip off the tail of the carrot. To remove sprays, etc., we wash vegetables thoroughly with plenty of cold, running water, using a stiff brush when necessary. [p81]

Assisting the Body

We have in our body the most perfect systems of elimination if we will but get them into efficient working condition. Our lungs must be free of foul air, tobacco smoke, etc.; our skin must be active so that the pores may pour out the toxins carried there by the lymph; the kidneys must have freedom of action without interference from alcohol and uric acid products; and our colon must have whatever internal washing it needs to remove the accumulations of 30, 40, and 50 years or more. That is only part of the program. The cells and tissues of the entire body must get live organic nourishment. This means that for some time at least, we should forego as much as possible all those foods whose vital energy — whose life element — has been destroyed by heat or by processing. [p19]

One very good thing to remember when we are overtaken by fatigue, distress, or reaction in our body is the fact that our colon is perhaps responsible for more trouble and mischief within our anatomy than all other causes and conditions put together. In our experience, we have found that it is utterly impossible for a colon to develop normally and to function successfully when one lives mostly or entirely on cooked and processed foods. It is safe to assume therefore, that it would be almost impossible to find many colons which are perfect. This being the case, our very first step, if we are suffering from distress or reaction, would be to take a series of colonic irrigations, if possible, or at least, a number of enemas until the cause of the trouble has come under control. The fresh-raw vegetable juices would then have better opportunity to carry on their end of the regeneration processes. The best food for the colon is the combination of carrot and spinach juice [p29]

Juice Formulas Chart

Aside from the first two entries, the following list of diseases are listed alphabetically and are accompanied by their corresponding formula numbers in brackets. The numbers that feature a semi-colon between them are to indicate that the ones before the semi-colon are the essential formulas found to give the best results; whereas the ones after the semi-colon have also proven to be effective.


Heart Problems

It is generally conceded by those who have studied the effects of gas in the intestines that in a surprisingly large number of patients suffering from heart trouble, this condition is caused not by any organic disfunction of the heart. Rather it is caused from excessive gas in the colon which press the walls of the colon against organs connected with the heart. A few colonic irrigations or enemas as a rule have frequently relieved this condition. The heart trouble disappeared until the next accumulation of gas gave warning that the colon, not the heart, needed a thorough reconditioning. [p18]


As the human system cannot completely digest and assimilate so-called “complete proteins”, such as meats and meat products, the ingestion of too much of these causes the greater part of the uric acid generated thereby to be absorbed into the muscles. The continuous use of meat protein taxes the workings of the kidneys and of other eliminative organs, straining them to the point where a progressively smaller amount of uric acid is eliminated and a correspondingly greater amount is absorbed by the muscles. The result is painfully known as rheumatism. [p20]

Acidosis (61, 30)

The toxic condition of the body, usually the result of the retention of waste and corrupt matter in the colon, the natural result of an orthodox diet consisting mainly of concentrated starches, sugars and meat. The use of bicarbonate of soda to relieve this condition is unwise and shortsighted, as this inorganic material may in course of time lodge in the region of the brain and damage it. It then may manifest as a silver-gray crescent in the upper part of the iris of the eye. To help correct acidosis, read the chapter on Spinach Juice. Acidosis may also result from mental disturbances such as resentments, worry, anger, fear, jealousy, frustration, etc. The first prerequisite to help clear up this condition is to develop a placid mind and to learn to RELAX! [p86]

Acne, Pimples, etc. (61, 1, 55)

Impurities in the body trying to be eliminated through the skin. One of the manifestations of acidosis. We would refrain from using salves and ointments, drugs of any kind, and X-ray, using instead natural methods to remove the cause. [p86]

Boils (61, 30, 55)

Purulent or pus-filled tumors caused by impurities in the blood stream resulting in bacterial infection through the sweat glands or the follicles of the hair. The use of sulfa and other drugs may have dangerous repercussions. A boil is not an infection of the skin, but simply waste matter which the body has been unable to throw off through other eliminative channels, either because these are impacted with the accumulation of waste, or because they have degenerated into inactivity through lack of proper nourishment and attention. When the body fails to eliminate waste matter through the main eliminative organs, then the greatest eliminative system of the body is called upon to help. This system is the skin and its pores. [p92]

Cataracts (61, 50, 1, 40; 30)

Opaque films floating over the crystalline lens of the eye due to lack of proper nourishment to the optic nerves and muscles. While surgery has been of temporary benefit in some cases, there is no question that Nature can work greater and more permanent benefits than even the most skillful of men, provided that the one affected cooperates wholeheartedly. Read the chapter on Endive Juice. [p93]

Colic (61, 30)

Gas pains in the abdominal regions usually due to improper combinations of foods, and to the retention of waste matter in the system. We have found that enemas help to give more or less instant relief. [p95]

Colitis (61, 30, 1)

Inflammation of the colon resulting from constipation, and from mental or organic nervousness which, of course, disrupts the digestive processes. The primary cause may usually be traced to the lack of organic live nourishment for the proper functioning of the colon. (Read chapter on Oxalic Acid and on Spinach). Cooked food is composed of dead atoms which cannot nourish or regenerate any of the cells and tissues of the body. Cold buttermilk has been used to soothe the inflamed tissues of the colon while a change-over to a properly prepared raw food diet was in progress; but we must remember that all milk is mucus-forming, so that if it is used in an emergency, it must be used judiciously. It has been found that cooked foods, instead of helping to reestablish normalcy in the colon, have the opposite effect. Finely grated carrots, and other vegetables and fruits similarly prepared, all raw, have been a great help when properly made fresh, raw juices were also used plentifully. Mineral oils, being inorganic, defeat any attempt to benefit the condition, while drugs are injurious to the system. Enemas have proved of immense benefit. The objection to enemas usually comes from those who need them most but are not sufficiently informed on the subject of nutritional and eliminative physiology. The fear that they are habit-forming is based on lack of knowledge. Cleanliness — whether internal or external — is never harmful. [p95]

Cramps (61, 30)

In the intestinal region: Pains due to the presence of gas resulting from foods improperly combined. In the muscles: Usually due to excessive retention of uric acid. [p96]

Decay (of Teeth) (61, 48, 55, 46; 1)

Decomposition due to the lack of organic live atoms in the food to nourish the teeth. Excessive use of milk, starches, and sugars are primary causes of decay. [p97]

Dizziness (30, 61; 2, 1)

The result of the body getting out of balance because of the accumulation of waste matter in the system. [p98]

Dyspepsia (61, 1, 2, 30; 15)

Indigestion due to excessive acidity in the alimentary tract. [p98]

Fatigue (1, 61, 30)

An indication that the cells of the body are not getting sufficient live atoms in the food to furnish the constant flow of new energy needed. Fatigue is one of the precursors of disease. The cumulative effect is the destruction of tissue cells and the consequent accumulation of waste in the body; if not removed, this will be scavenged by germs and bacteria. Rest, sleep, cleansing of the colon, and plenty of juices have been found to be the best method to overcome fatigue. [p99]

Gastritis (61, 15, 30)

Distress due to excessive formation of gas in the system as a result of the improper combination of foods. All flour, grain, and sugar products may have a tendency to cause gastritis, and alcohol may do it quicker than any of these. Hot condiments, consisting of hot peppers, mustard, vinegar, tobacco, etc., are also responsible for this condition. Raw foods, grated or chopped as finely as possible, have been found repeatedly to be more beneficial than cooked foods. [p100]

Halitosis (61)

This word means “bad breath”. It results from the retention of fermented and putrefied food waste in the body. The decay of teeth and so-called infection of tissues is purely coincidental, also resulting from such retention of waste. [p102]

Hemorrhoids (Piles) (62, 61, 2)

The coagulation of blood fibrin in the dead-ends of blood vessels in the lower part of the rectum as a result of eating too much bread and other starch and grain products. Their removal by means of a knife or electric needle is an excellent indoor sport for all except the patient. Their recurrence is almost inevitable sooner or later, when so removed, so long as the cause itself, namely the waste matter in the blood stream, is not properly taken care of. [p103]

Indigestion (23 (in glass of hot water), 61, 1, 30, 15)

The result of the improper digestion of incompatible foods. It also results from eating while under the stress and strain of worry, fear, or anxiety. [p104]

Insomnia (61, 37; 30, 22)

Inability to sleep as a result of nervous tension or excessive acidity in the system. [p105]

Itch (61, 30; 15, 1)

An uncomfortable condition caused by certain germs or bacteria attempting to leave the body by way of the pores of the skin, resulting in the formation of postules and accompanied by intense itching. [p105]

Melancholia (61, 7, 2; 30, 15, 37)

Toxic condition of the body and undernourished nerve system resulting in morbid brooding. Lack of self-confidence. [p106]

Nervousness (61, 37, 30; 40, 15)

Irritability of certain nerve centers due to organic alkaline deficiency. [p108]

Paralysis (61, 40, 30, 6)

Loss of power to control or coordinate the voluntary and involuntary muscles, due to starvation of the nerve centers. [p109]

Paresis (61, 2, 40, 30; 6, 47)

Functional inability of the cerebral nerves to coordinate, due to lack of proper organic nourishment. [p109]

Prolapsus (61, 2, 30, 40; 15)

The falling of an organ from its normal position due to loss of tone in the nerve and muscular system as a result of improper diet. [p110]

Pyorrhea (-; 61, 1, 2, 30)

Inflammation of the gums and the loosening of the teeth because of the presence of excessive waste matter in the entire system, and the deficiency in the diet of live organic food. [p110]

Sleeplessness (61, 22, 37, 30)

The result of excessive nervous tension and the improper elimination of waste from the body. [p112]

Toxemia (61, 30; 37, 15, 40)

Poisoning either as a result of undue retention of body waste or of the end-products of metabolism or digestion, creating an over acid condition. [p113]

Food Selection

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the great virtues of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is its extraordinary potassium content, an element so necessary for building and storing body reserves and to help the system to achieve harmony and calm. This potassium readily associates with some of the most important elements in the body [.]
            It is important, when choosing Apple Cider Vinegar, to consider its source, in order to be sure that it is made from whole apples and not the kind that is cheaply made just from apple cores and peelings.
            Used judiciously, Apple Cider Vinegar is an indispensable item for the kitchen cupboard. Its antiseptic qualities are almost beyond belief. Many victims of skin blemishes, even of the contagious type, have been helped by the application of Apple Cider Vinegar directly on the skin.
            In Scotland it used to be, and perhaps still is a common practice to shrink varicose and “bulging” veins by the application of Apple Cider Vinegar on the skin to the whole length of the veins, morning and night, for a month or so, and at the same time drinking daily two or three glasses of water with two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in each glass. And it worked! […]
            Excessive bleeding in menstrual cycles, bleeding hemorrhoids, nose bleeding, cuts, etc., have been wonderfully helped by drinking two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water daily, and two or three times a day if necessary. [p67]

Beet Juice

This is one of the most valuable juices for helping to build up the red corpuscles of the blood and tone up the blood generally. […] The proportion in this combination may vary from 3 to 8 ounces of beet juice, using roots and tops, in one pint of the combined juices, carrot and beet. Taken alone, beet juice, in greater quantities than a wineglass at a time, may cause a cleansing reaction which may make one a little dizzy or nauseated. This may be the result of its cleansing effect on the liver and may, therefore, be uncomfortable. It has been found from experience that it is best to take less beet juice and more carrot juice in the beginning until one can tolerate its beneficial cleansing effect — then to increase the proportion of beet juice gradually. One 6 or 8-ounce glassful twice daily is usually considered sufficient. [p21]

Cabbage Juice

The most valuable properties in cabbage are the high sulphur and chlorine content and the relatively large percentage of iodine. The combination of the sulphur and chlorine causes a cleansing of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestinal tract, but this only applies when cabbage juice is taken in its raw state [.]

When excessive gas or other distress is experienced after drinking raw cabbage juice, either straight or in combination with other raw vegetable juices, it may be an indication of an abnormal toxic condition within the intestinal tract. In such case it has been found advisable, before much of the juice is used, to cleanse the intestines thoroughly by drinking carrot, or carrot and spinach juice daily for two or three weeks and taking enemas daily. It was found that once the intestines were able to assimilate cabbage juice, it was invaluable as a cleanser, particularly in the case of excessive adipose weight.

When raw cabbage juice is added to raw carrot juice, it forms an excellent source of Vitamin C as a cleansing medium, aiding particularly where infection of the gums is present resulting in pyorrhea. […]

Cabbage juice has been used very effectively to help the relief of ulcers and constipation. As constipation is usually the primary cause of skin eruptions, these have also been cleared up with the judicious use of this juice. [p26]

Carrot Juice

Depending on the condition of the individual, raw carrot juice may be taken indefinitely in any reasonable quantities—from one to six or eight pints a day. It has the effect of helping to normalize the entire system. It is the richest source of Vitamin A which the body can quickly assimilate and contains also an ample supply of Vitamins B, C, D, E, G, and K. It helps to promote the appetite and is an aid to digestion. It is a valuable aid in the improvement and maintenance of the bone structure of the teeth. [26p]
            Dry skin, dermatitis, and other skin blemishes are due to a deficiency in the body of some of these food elements contained in carrot juice. This is also a factor in eye trouble, as in ophthalmia, conjunctivitis, etc. […]
            It sometimes happens after drinking large quantities of carrot juice that a reaction is experienced or perhaps some distress. This is a perfectly natural sequence as it is an indication that Nature has started house cleaning in the body and that this juice is the most needed implement for this purpose. [p28]

Carrot juice is composed of a combination of elements which nourish the entire system, helping to normalize its weight as well as its chemical balance. It nourishes the optic system particularly [.] [p30]

Celery Juice

The combination of celery with other juices is generally beneficial, and certain formulas have been used to help clear up deficiency and other conditions in the body, with almost phenomenal results. […]
            If there is an inadequate supply of sulphur, iron, and calcium in the diet, or even if there is an abundant supply of these, but in devitalized inorganic form, then asthma, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, and other disturbances may result. [p36]

Cucumber Juice

Our nails and hair need particularly the combination elements which fresh vital cucumber juice furnishes, helping to prevent the splitting of the nails and falling out of the hair. Skin eruptions of many kinds have been helped by drinking cucumber juice to which the juices of carrot and lettuce have been added. [p37]

Fennel Juice

Fennel juice is a very valuable blood builder and is, therefore, of the utmost benefit in menstrual disorders. It has been used successfully alone or in combination with carrot and beet juice in this connection. [p40]

Garlic Juice

Metaphorically speaking, garlic itself is bad enough but garlic juice by itself may cause devastating social ostracism for the one who drinks it. It is very beneficial, if one has the mental fortitude to overcome social handicaps, and the intestinal fortitude to endure the general discomfort which accompanies the more or less rapid house cleaning of one’s system. […]
            The ethers in garlic juice are so potent and penetrating that they help to dissolve accumulations of mucus in the sinus cavities, in the bronchial tubes, and in the lungs. They help the exudation of poisons from the body through the pores of the skin, until we wonder whether the effluvium of the fragrance is any better than the dormant poisons within us.

Garlic juice has proved very effective in helping to eliminate intestinal parasites. Dysentery can be most effectively helped with this juice, and Amoebic Dysentery responds to it no less than other kinds. Parasites and germs, however, whether amoeba or any other kind cannot live unless there is nourishment for them to thrive on. If the eliminative organs are filled with putrefactive waste matter naturally germs will be present by the million, and if more waste matter is added cumulatively by the daily ingestion of meat, other inorganic foods, and drugs, such germs and parasites are in their element, and they propagate and multiply. This is wonderful for the germs, but disconcerting to the victim. Thus, garlic juice helps to eliminate much of this condition, but to remove the cause we find that we have to go much farther. Intestinal bathings by means of colon irrigations and enemas have been found to be essential until the waste matter has been thoroughly cleaned out. The diet then has been so planned that the food was assimilated as completely as possible with the least liability of waste retention in the body. This has been successfully achieved with an ample supply and sufficient variety of fresh-raw vegetable juices supplementing a well-balanced raw food diet.

To make garlic juice, however, almost precludes the use of the juice machine for any other juices, because once the machine has been so used, it is almost impossible to eradicate the aroma for several days, and any juices subsequently made on that machine may be flavored with that bouquet! [p40]

Horseradish Sauce

We do not use the juice of horseradish, it’s ethers are quite potent and powerful enough when the horseradish is finely ground or triturated (pulverized). The effect of taking one half a teaspoonful of the triturated (pulverized) horseradish will leave an indelible impression on the memory and a dissolving reaction on the mucus in the sinus cavities. Once this has been tried in pulp form, this impression and this reaction will no doubt solve the question of why we do not use it in juice form.
            The pulp from freshly triturated (pulverized) horseradish mixed immediately with lemon juice and taken twice a day at a dose of one- half teaspoon between meals, has effectively helped to dissolve mucous. This is true not only in the sinus cavities but also throughout the body and without damage to the mucous membranes themselves. It acts as a solvent and cleanser of abnormal mucus in the human system. [p41]

Kale Juice

Kale has much the same chemical analysis as cabbage and may be used in the same manner. [p43]

Leek Juice

The juice of leeks is milder than that of onions and garlic. The information on garlic juice applies to a great extent to that of leeks. [44]

Lettuce Juice [Head Lettuce]

The storage of iron in the spleen acts as an electric storage battery where the blood is recharged with the necessary electricity for its proper functions. The magnesium in lettuce has exceptional vitalizing powers, particularly in the muscular tissues, brain, and nerves. Vital organic salts of magnesium are cell builders, especially of the nerve system and of the tissues of the lungs. They also assist in maintaining the normal fluidity of the blood and other functions without which it would be impossible for metabolism to operate properly. [..]
            When combined with carrot juice, the properties of lettuce juice are intensified by the addition of Vitamin A in the carrot and also the valuable sodium therein which assists in maintaining the calcium in the lettuce in constant solution until utilized by the body. [.]
            Lettuce also contains more than 9% phosphorus, which is one of the principle constituents of the brain, and an ample supply of sulphur, which is one of the component parts of the hemoglobin of the blood, acting therein as an oxidizing agent. Many nervous afflictions are due chiefly to these two elements, sulphur and phosphorus, taken in inorganic form as in cereals and meat.
            Together with silicon, which lettuce contains more than sulphur and phosphorus are essential in the proper maintenance and development of the skin, the sinews, and the hair. When one consumes excessive amount of these elements in an inorganic form, i.e. cereals and devitalized foods, the roots of the hair do not obtain their proper nourishment: hence one of the reasons for hair loss.
            Drinking a daily abundance of juice composed of carrot, lettuce, and spinach, will furnish food to the roots and nerves of the hair, thereby stimulating growth. Hair tonics in this respect are of little or no value except that they furnish massaging for the scalp. They cannot feed the hair but merely stimulate the action of the nerves and blood vessels and so assist the proper food in reaching the hair roots through the blood stream. [..]

When making juice from lettuce for definite therapeutic purposes, it is best to use the leaves that are of the darker shade of green, omitting those which are inside the head of lettuce and have remained white, as the former are much richer in chlorophyll and other vital important elements than the latter. The juice of lettuce leaves has been a great boon and relief to those suffering from tuberculosis and from gastric disturbances. It is also a valuable diuretic. [p45]

Mustard Greens Juice

Although the juice of mustard greens, by themselves, may cause some discomfort, nevertheless, a small quantity in combination with carrot, spinach and turnip juice has been used with much benefit to help dissolve hemorrhoids. [p47]

Onion Juice

Somewhat milder than garlic, with a less pungent aroma, onions and their juices do, without question, build us up physically to a remarkable degree, while at one and the same time they tear us down socially. What we have said about garlic applies quite fully to the onion and its juice, bearing in mind that what may be termed the repellent atmosphere of the garlic and its juice is somewhat subdued in the case of the onion. [p47]

Oxalic Acid

Organic oxalic acid is one of the important elements needed to maintain the tone of, and to stimulate peristalsis. It is perfectly obvious, of course, that any motion of the body which takes place by the “involuntary” action of its organs is predicated on there being life in the cells and tissues of such organs. Life is active, magnetic; whereas there is no action in death nor in dead matter, and this applies definitely to cells and tissues of our anatomy.  […]

The most abundant supply of organic oxalic acid is found in fresh raw spinach (both the common variety and the New Zealand spinach) Swiss chard, beet greens, turnip and mustard greens, kale and collards, and the broad-leafed French sorrel. [p56]

Papaya Juice

While papaya is definitely a fruit and not a vegetable, it is pertinent to refer to it here because of its remarkable therapeutic qualities. […]
            The green, unripe papaya has much more active papain enzymes than the ripe (this activity being somewhat dissipated in the ripening processes). The juice of the green papaya has helped correct intestinal disorders, including ulcerous and more serious conditions in an incredibly short time. [p47]

Parsley Juice

Raw parsley juice is one of the most potent of the juices. It should never be taken alone in quantities of more than one or two ounces at a time unless mixed with a sufficient quantity of carrot or other raw vegetable juices such as celery, lettuce, or spinach, and even then, in not too great a proportion in relation to the volume of other juices. […]

Never drink too great a quantity of raw parsley juice by itself, as its high concentration may result in a disarrangement of the nervous system. Taken with other juices properly mixed, it is extremely beneficial. [p48]

Pepper Juice (Green)

In combination with carrot juice, in the proportion of one-quarter to one-half of green pepper juice to the rest of carrot juice, it is an excellent aid in clearing up skin blemishes, particularly if colonic irrigations and enemas are taken with sufficient regularity to remove waste matter from the colon while the cleansing processes within the body are progressing. Those bothered with gas or wind in the alimentary canal, and those suffering from colic or flatulence, have found significant relief from drinking one pint of this juice combination every day. [p50]

Potassium Broth (Raw)

There are many vegetables rich in potassium, the outstanding of which are carrot, celery, parsley, and spinach. To obtain the full value of this potassium element, it should be taken as a drink in its raw, undiluted state so that the body may absorb and assimilate it completely in its natural form. The organic minerals and salts in this combination of raw potassium “broth” embrace practically the entire range of those required by the body. Its effect in reducing excessive acidity in the stomach has been truly remarkable. There is probably no food more complete in every respect than this for the human organism.
            When the sick are unable to assimilate other food, it has been found that raw potassium broth has usually furnished the nourishment to bring the patient back to normal. In the case of convalescents, raw potassium broth is invaluable, and it is astonishing that all hospitals and sanitoria have not adopted this food as a regular part of their daily diet. [p49]

Potato Juice

The juice of raw potatoes, however, has proved very beneficial in clearing up skin blemishes. […]
            Raw potato juice has proved to be a healthy cleanser of the system and to be very beneficial, particularly in combination with carrot juice. The juice of raw potatoes, combined with that of carrot and celery, is a boon to those suffering from gastric, nerve, and muscle disturbances, such as gout and sciatica. In such cases, one pint of this combination in addition to one pint of carrot, beet, and cucumber juice daily, has often given complete relief from these discomforts in a surprisingly short time, provided that meat, fowl, and fish were eliminated completely from the diet. […]
            The juice of sweet potatoes has, therefore, more general beneficial value than that of the Irish potato. [p51]

Radish Juice

In conjunction with carrot juice, the combined elements help to restore the tone of the mucous membranes in the body. It is used most effectively about one hour after taking horseradish as described in the section covering that subject. It has had the effect of soothing and healing the membranes and cleansing the body of the mucus which the horseradish sauce has dissolved. It has at the same time helped to regenerate and restore the mucous membranes to their normal state. [p52]

Rhubarb Juice

Some benefit can be derived from fresh-raw provided that it is used sparingly, and only in combination with other juices such as carrot, celery, or fruit, and their combinations. In this manner it can help stimulate the peristaltic action of the intestines. Never sweeten rhubarb with sugar, use honey. [p53]

Sorrel Juice

The juice of the broad-leafed French Sorrel is excellent in helping the sluggish and prolapsed intestines to reestablish their normal functions, when such necessary steps as colonic irrigations and enemas are taken to eliminate the accumulation of waste matter collected therein. [p53]

Spinach Juice

Spinach is the most vital food for the entire digestive tract, both the alimentary section of the body (the stomach, duodenum, and small intestines) and for the large intestine or colon, and it has been so recognized from time immemorial.

In raw spinach, Nature has furnished man with the finest organic material for the cleansing, reconstruction, and regeneration of the intestinal tract. Raw spinach juice properly prepared, taken at the rate of about one pint daily, has often corrected the most aggravated case of constipation within a few days or weeks.

[…] raw spinach juice effectively cleanses and helps to heal not only the lower bowels but the entire intestinal tract.

The spinach works by natural means to repair the most essential damage first; it is not always apparent to the individual where in his body the work of regeneration is progressing. Results may not be noticeable sometimes for as long as six weeks or two months after daily consumption of this juice.

It has been found essential at all times, however, that the bowels be cleared at least once every twenty-four hours, although the normal, healthy condition calls for two or three movements a day. The colon can be washed out with colonic irrigations or enemas, or both if necessary everyday. This has been found most effective in the long run.

Another valuable feature of raw spinach juice is its effect on the teeth and gums in helping to prevent pyorrhea. […]

When spinach is the subject matter of discussion, one generally associates it with its effectiveness as a laxative. The underlying cause for this effectiveness is the high oxalic acid content in this vegetable. This is such an important element involved in the activities of our intestines that it is worthy of very special attention […] [p54]

Tomato Juice

Tomatoes have a fairly high citric and malic acid content, and some oxalic acid. These acids are all needed and beneficial in the processes of metabolism, provided that they are vital organic. […]
            There are innumerable varieties of tomatoes, all of which, if used fresh and raw, make excellent and beneficial juices. [p58]

Turnip Juice

No vegetable contains as high a percentage of calcium as the juice of turnip leaves, the calcium being more than one-half of all the other minerals and salts combined. It is therefore a most excellent food for growing children and for anyone having softening of the bones in any shape or form, including the teeth.

Calcium deficiency, strange as it may sound to the uninformed, results very frequently from drinking pasteurized cow’s milk. Of course, the constant use of concentrated flour, grain, and sugar products also results in calcium deficiency because, although these products have an exceedingly high calcium content, this type of calcium is just as inorganic as that used in making cement. The cells and tissues of the body cannot use these types of inorganic calcium atoms for constructive purposes. In fact the blood stream (as a result) must move them out of the way so they will not interfere with its operations and activities. Just as we brush things aside that interfere with our own freedom of action, so the blood sweeps many of these inorganic atoms into the terminal ends of blood vessels. As the most convenient of these are located in the rectum, they receive a gradual accumulation of this debris until they enlarge enough to be uncomfortable, when their name is changed to Hemorrhoids.

As most people include an excessive amount of devitalized, inorganic food in their daily meals, it is only natural to find that probably one-half of them have hemorrhoids, and know it, while the remainder may have them and do not know it. We have not known of a single case of hemorrhoids among the many adults of all ages who have been lifelong abstainers from these inorganic foods. On the other hand, we have seen an unending procession of people victimized by attempts to cure this natural affliction by means of injections, electric coagulation, and surgery. [p60]

Watercress Juice

A combination of carrot and spinach juice with some lettuce, turnip leaves, and watercress juice, contains the components essential for the normal regeneration of the blood and particularly for increasing oxygen transmission in the blood stream. For anemia, low blood pressure, and low weight, this forms an excellent food combination.
            A combination of carrot, spinach, turnip leaf and watercress juice, has the properties that help to dissolve the coagulated blood fibrin in hemorrhoids or piles, and many kinds of tumors. Two pints of this combination taken daily, when all flour and sugar products and preferably also meat, have been eliminated from the diet, have been found to dissolve these conditions in from one to six months in a perfectly natural manner, provided that there has been no surgical interference, in which event it may take longer. [p61]


Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, by Norman W. Walker (1936, Revised 1978) – Read online or download PDF at Scribd.

This is the copy of the book I read and used to make the extracts. It’s an OCR copy of the printed book, enabling one to search for particular words and phrases; thus one can usefully seek mentions of a particular food or disease.

Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, by Norman W. Walker – Printable Extracts Booklet- PDF or Microsoft Word format.

After having made the extracts above, I further refined them into a printable booklet for more practical future use, and which I have include here for download. The total page number is 12, meaning that it only uses three sheets of paper when printing in booklet format (remember to select “print on both sides”, as well as “print preview” just to check that the booklet will print as intended). Alongside the PDF copy, I have provided the original Word document so that the booklet can be printed to one’s own preferences (such as font size, margins, etc.)

Below is a photo of the Word document. As you will see, I have rearranged the text and colour-coded portions of sentences for enhanced practical referencing.

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